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I am a proud mother of 3 boys. I own Tidy Town Cleaning company and am working hard making that a success as well as my Etsy business Craftaholics! I have been married for 24 years and will be celebrating my 25th anniversary on December 31st!

Halloween Kick-off!

Lets kick off the festivities!

Fall (my favorite time of year) is upon us and all its glorious holidays! I love everything it represents: family, food, fun, cool weather and so much more! I started celebrating last month with my 30 days of Fall and will continue with Halloween. I will be adding ideas (mine and others) for food, decorations, costumes and just plain fun to bring on this freaky holiday.

I will be having a weekly giveaway so be sure to visit regularly, and I will be giving a HUGE end of Halloween contest! Not sure what all that will have but I will post regular updates as I pull together the goodies!

Lets start off with a fabulous fireplace and mantle!!

I can not find the link to this so if anyone knows it please pass it along to me!

Until Next Time!

Contest Update!

There's been a small hitch in my giveaway contest! For those who don't know I was giving away a few little items to celebrate the end of my 30 Days of Fall. The other day I came home to find one of my items missing. Apparently my dogs' fall allergies kicked in because he helped himself to the fall inspired tissues. I was so disappointed after all I can't have used tissues in a matter how cute the nose was that used them! Then today I came across this:

Matthew Mead has his new magazine out and poof I have a tissue replacement for my giveaway!!! So the giveaway is now that amazing magazine 



the little pack of tissues with leaves on the top of the pic!

Good Luck!!

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Until Next Time!

P.S. Here's the tissue culprit. Isn't his nose worth it?

All fall! 30!!!

Day 30! Contest Time!!!!

To end our first 30 days of fall we are going to end it with a contest!!! Here's a picture of sweet little prize package.

What's inside:
small package of fall facial tissues
small fall treat box
fall ribbon
vintage fall scene postcard
fall paper pack
fall stickers
and finally glass teddybear jar fill with foil leaves.

All Fall! 29

Day 29!

For those who can actually draw this is fantastic!

Until Next Time!