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I am a proud mother of 3 boys. I own Tidy Town Cleaning company and am working hard making that a success as well as my Etsy business Craftaholics! I have been married for 24 years and will be celebrating my 25th anniversary on December 31st!

Halloween Kick-off!

Lets kick off the festivities!

Fall (my favorite time of year) is upon us and all its glorious holidays! I love everything it represents: family, food, fun, cool weather and so much more! I started celebrating last month with my 30 days of Fall and will continue with Halloween. I will be adding ideas (mine and others) for food, decorations, costumes and just plain fun to bring on this freaky holiday.

I will be having a weekly giveaway so be sure to visit regularly, and I will be giving a HUGE end of Halloween contest! Not sure what all that will have but I will post regular updates as I pull together the goodies!

Lets start off with a fabulous fireplace and mantle!!

I can not find the link to this so if anyone knows it please pass it along to me!

Until Next Time!

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