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I am a proud mother of 3 boys. I own Tidy Town Cleaning company and am working hard making that a success as well as my Etsy business Craftaholics! I have been married for 24 years and will be celebrating my 25th anniversary on December 31st!

Happy Birthday America!

As another birthday rolls around for our great nation I am wondering how everyone plans on celebrating. As for me, well it is one of those things that I take on a day by day, moment by moment basis. I don't make specific plans but rather more general ones. More like an outline of what I might do. This year some of my family members are planning to come and visit for the long weekend, the problem with making detailed plans is I don't actually know if they will come and who is coming. With that in mind my basic plan is to 1. buy alcoholic beverages 2. buy lots of things to grill and nosh on and 3. wait and see who actually shows up! I have a swimming pool so keeping the kids busy is taken care of and with the booze in mind I have managed to keep the adults entertained as well.

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